Corporate Trainning

Quality System Corporate Training
Basic Concept of Quality (1 Day) 5S for effective Housekeeping (2 Days)
ISO 9001 (1Day) Kaizen ( 1 Day)
ISO 14001 (1Day) Six Sigma ( 2 Days)
ISO 22000 (1Day) Introduction to Lean Management (1 Day)
Internal Auditor Courses for ISO 9001,
ISO 14001, ISO 22000 (2 Days)
Concept of 8 Wastes and their elimination by Quality Circles
Safety Measures & Importance
ISO 27001 (1Day) Optimum Utilization of Resources for Enhanced Productivity
HR Sales & Customer Service
Leadership Skills Training Customer Service and its nuances
Campus to Corporate How to get “SOLD” stamp more often
Communication Skills Selling with honesty
Team Building What is true marketing and how to make that work for your
Quality Circles   organization
Motivation & Self Initiative Varied Hospitality Trainings including “Best Housekeeping”,
Office Etiquettes & Personal Grooming   “Be the Host/Hostess to be jealous of” etc
Ego and its effects How to use English to better your customer service
Time Management   performance
Goal setting and its importance    
Career and Succession Planning    
Design of Trainings    
Power of Positive Attitude    
Attitude is 99% success    
Management Development Programme
Specially designed and implemented as per the requirement of the client in areas of HR, Finance,
  International Business and Marketing.
Unconventional Programmes
Let the followers “Lead” (1 Day)
Building Deeper Supplier Relationships (1 Day)
Developing your Leadership Pipeline (1 Day)
Build your PDCA ( 1 Day)
How to write a Business Plan ( 2 Days)
Implement - Strategy and Build Organisational Culture (2 Days)
Strategic Thinking for Managers (1 Day)
The Art of Mismanagement
Outdoor Programmes (2-3 days)
The informal culture for an organisation
Ice break yourself
My asset - My Health
Yoga Camp - Unhealthy People cannot run a healthy organization
Building deep roots
Developing the Leadership Skills
Team Building for middle managers
Motivate my group to perform
How to trigger Self Hypnosis for better results